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About this blog

You may know me as FrostyKitten from either this very website or my fitness Instagram account with the same name, but you may also call me ILY.

This is a blog about healthy living! It includes posts about yoga, pilates, weight training, healthy eating, recipes, motivational quotes, and more.

I hope that my fitness journey will help inspire you to either start your own or help keep you on track with the one you're already on!

Thanks for checking it out ^-^

<3 ILY

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Hello lovelies! Frosty Kitten here.

Wooo it’s Monday again! Did you make the best of last week? We spend a lot of time talking about doing your best, but what about taking a break when you need it? Let’s talk about it.



We could learn a lot from our pets!


            Whether it’s fitness, school, work, or just life in general, we are often made to believe that taking a break every now and then will only stall your progress. Breaks are bad! Don’t take breaks—breaks mean you’re not doing anything!! Oh god! You’re not BUSY? Then clearly you are lazy and useless. Bad! BAD!

            Okay. Deep breath. One… two… three… and repeat after me “I am a hardworking, asskicking, awesome human being that has EARNED this break.” Yes, that’s right. It’s not the end of the world if you take five for a breather. In fact, taking a break is often very beneficial for you, yet for some reason we’re all about that glorifying “busy” all the time. It almost seems like one of the staples of modern “first world” life nowadays—if you’re not busy, you’re a slob. A slack. Useless. Worthless.

            Don’t worry, you’re still awesome. Sure, don’t make breaks an excuse to actually be lazy, but, please, do take a break when everything feels like too much. It’s really important that your brain and soul get some r&r. You know what happens when you don’t take breaks? You underperform, and the worse you do, the harsher and meaner you become towards yourself. You’ll end up thinking that maybe you’re just not good at doing X anymore. You’ll think surely a break is not the answer because that would mean not doing anything towards becoming better at doing X which you clearly aren’t doing well in anymore. Don’t worry. You’re still good at doing X, but your brain, soul, and body need a breather!

I remember one time when I was seeing amazing daily progress with my 5k training. It was amazing! I felt unstoppable! Then, one day, I couldn’t hit the time mark anymore. Not even by half. Huffing and puffing all the way just to see I had only run for five minutes instead of my usual twenty. Bye bye confidence!

I spent a long time trying to fix it by running more and sticking to the schedule better and maybe some more leg training in my days “off” (which, by the way, were never actual days off) would help. You know what that achieved? I couldn’t run for more than three minutes at a time now. If it wasn’t my heart giving up or my lungs, then it was my legs or my shoulders would start aching. Everything was just going wrong! It was horrible because I was a couple weeks of training away from participating in my first 5k race. I lost heart and stopped running.

A week went by without me running. Then it was two weeks. Then I gave up on finding a race to fit my schedule. And just like that three months of training down the drain and out the window. I wish I could tell you this great story of redemption where I got off my bum and ran my heart out and kicked the 5k’s butt! But… the truth is that the next time I went running, while I did a very good job now that my body had time to rest, I didn’t really have it in me to go through that heartache again. I still haven’t run a 5k race, but I did hit five kilometers distance in a few of my morning runs, and now, when I do run, I usually run around four kilometers instead of my usual two.

Maybe that experience didn’t push me to try harder for being 5k race day ready, but it did help me understand that breaks are vital. That if you don’t allow your body to rest, you’re not going anywhere fast. And while I am upset that my 5k dream won’t get fulfilled this year, I am grateful for the experience. Next time I’ll have a better plan, and I’ll kick 5k race butt. I know it! For now I’ll stick with my pilates and yoga practice and keep my body strong for the next 5k training session.


Courage doesn't always roar, sometimes it's the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering, "I will try again tomorrow."
-- Mary Anne Radmacher

I know you all work hard every day. Sometimes even just getting out of bed is a battle. Sometimes finding time for breaks is difficult, but there’s a reason why places like Canada have a bunch of random holiday days off like Family Day, and there’s a good reason why yoga sessions end in Savasana: breaks are really, really important.

I hope you all had a restful weekend, and if you’re like me right now and the weekend wasn’t enough, make some time today to take a breather. The world won’t end if you do, I promise!

Let me know in the comments below what you like to do when you’re taking a break from the world!

‘til next time… Stay Frosty!


ILY the Frosty Kitten



Dream Big or Go Home!

Hello lovelies! ILY the Frosty Kitten is back woooo *fireworks*

Today is Monday. Yep, that’s right. Another week has started! So let’s make the best of it by taking a moment to think about our dreams, about who we wanted to be before the world told us who we should or have to be.



            Remember when we were kids and our teachers would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up? I remember having so many ideas about what and who I wanted to be from pet shelter owner to astronaut to chef! Ah the good old days. The days when we looked upon the world with wonder and joy.

I feel like, for me, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way about the world or even myself. I did dream once, a few years back, about who I wanted to be because that’s just what I wanted not because it’s what someone else wanted. Sadly, due to circumstances, it remained a dream.

They say that there’s no bigger tragedy than regret, so let me tell you what I learned from regret. I learned that it’s (almost) never too late to get back to the drawing board and reimagine yourself. It’s never too late to dream again and work for it. And I mean really work for it. I also learned that there would be a lot of naysayers everywhere you go, no matter what you do and what you achieve, there will always be the one (hopefully just one) person to try and downplay your hard work, to tell you it’s not good enough. That’s okay. We need those people too! Yea that’s right. We need them. We need them to remind ourselves that we don’t have to please everyone, and that we have a long way to go if we are hurt by their words;  if you’re going to let a naysayer like that make your heart ache, you’ve got a loooong way to go on the path of self-love and self-acceptance.

Ay, there’s the rub. The main reason we don’t achieve our dreams is because we don’t believe in ourselves. It doesn’t matter what others think. Even if everyone around you was supportive and pushed you towards your dreams, yet you were too scared or lacked too much confidence… you’re not going anywhere. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, you give up on whatever it was that you wanted to start or had started already.

So let’s think about what we can do to have more confidence in ourselves and our abilities. Make some small achievable goals and work for them. Give yourself a little treat when you achieve one of them—for me it would definitely be a nice cold hazelnut frappucino or maybe some new activewear! Pick a treat that brings you joy.

Oh, and make a “crazy” goal too and accept that it may or may not happen, but continue to work for it! No matter what, keep moving forward, step by step, one day at a time and see where it takes you. Maybe you won’t get a Nobel prize or a Pulitzer prize or any prize at all, but the joy of working towards something you love and something you are passionate about will outshine anything else.



If you told me a few years ago that I'd be labelled as inspiring by my own inspiration, I'd laugh in your face... Dream big :) 

            I hope today’s post helped you in some way, maybe even if to just put things into perspective, give you a much needed kick in the bum to go and work for your dreams, whatever they may be.

            Let me know in the comments what your dreams are and what are some ways you try to work for them—and if you’re not working for them… then what are you waiting for?? 


Til next time… Stay Frosty!


ILY the Frosty Kitten




Hello lovelies! ILY the Frosty Kitten at it again!

Today is the first true day of fall over here in the good ol’ south, which is a very exciting time for me because it’s my favourite season. Today I’d also like us to think about what makes us feel good and maybe share some of our favourite memories of autumn!



Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;

Lengthen night and shorten day;

Every leaf speaks bliss to me

Fluttering from the autumn tree.

--Emily Bronte

                   When I woke up this morning, the room was dark still even though I had woken up at the same time I always do. Birds were singing like usual and a delightful soft murmur of rain drops made it almost impossible to get out of bed. I managed, finally, and when I went out on the balcony, I realized that the darkness isn’t the end of the world—it’s just autumn. Beautiful, chilly, rainy autumn.


Nothing like a pumpkin muffin and a hot latte to start autumn off right!

                When I think about autumn, I think about the start of the school year, cozy sweaters, lattes, and hot apple cider. However, the most prominent memory will always be that of my grandmother being a busy bee in our kitchen, making jam, pickles, and other winter provisions. That’s one awesome thing about growing up in Europe as a kid: back there and then, making your own winter provisions was a real thing. I’ll never forget the sweet smell of boiling fruits and cinnamon, the salty smell of boiling cucumbers and other veggies waiting to be pickled, and, most of all, the image of my granny and grandpa working together in our kitchen, while my cousin and I sneaked around trying to eat everything before it was done.

                Nowadays, where I live, people don’t have the time or desire to be so traditional. Probably because they also don’t have to since you can find anything you can think of already there for you on the grocery store shelves. You can have anything you want any time of the year you want it. And usually at the same price or with little to no difference. However, I encourage you to try and eat fruits and veggies that are in season because they’re more likely to be grown in your own backyard type of thing. Plus, then you get to fully experience each season the way it’s meant to be experienced!


                I hope you all have a wonderful day today! Please feel free to share with me your favourite things about autumn, and I’d love to know your favourite memories of this season so we can all share in a feel good Friday vibe!


Til next time... Stay Frosty!
ILY the Frosty Kitten




Hello, lovelies! ILY the Frosty Kitten here!

Today I would like to share with you some thoughts about one of my favourite quotes, “progress not perfection,” as well as share one of my current fave fall smoothies.




Progress, not perfection.

Are you a perfectionist? It is our desire to be perfect that sets up great expectations for ourselves that we always strive to achieve. Sure, perfectionism can be bad if you let yourself be absorbed by it and forget to notice anything else except how you aren’t yet at your standard. I don’t think perfectionism is 100% bad, but it can definitely be crippling to your mental health if you go about it the wrong way. So instead of being perfect, how about working on just being better than yesterday?

            You always have a choice. You can choose to see the flaws or you can choose to see progress. Don’t get me wrong—noticing flaws is great for self-improvement, but don’t focus on that and forget to give yourself credit for progress! ‘Cause progress is hard: it requires a lot of trial and error and overall a lot of work. A lot of mental strength too. There will be days in a row where you don’t notice any progress at all—maybe even weeks or months! Yikes! How’s that for a punch in your confidence and self-esteem? Not so good, right? It’s OK. You’re fine. And here’s why.

            You are not a quitter. You found a hundred ways in which you can’t achieve X goal, but you kept searching and searching for the one way in which you can. And that makes you a rockstar! Not a lot of people have the willpower to keep going when it feels like you’re going nowhere. This applies to everything and anything from fitness to art to just life in general. Sometimes even getting out of bed can be a challenge. But you did it! And you’re here now, swinging and kicking. So let’s make today awesome!

            I’ve only been up for about an hour now, so I haven’t had time to do much yet, but what I did do is try out a  new recipe that’s been brewing in my head for a few days now. I’m actually just now sipping the last bits of this delicious smoothie—I can already tell it’s gonna be an awesome day!





What you need:

1 apple (I used Granny Smith because I like the sour taste)

1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt (I used Chobani)

¼ - ½ oats (amount depends on how rich of a breakfast you want)

1 tbsp peanut butter

½ tsp vanilla extract

½ tsp maple syrup (or honey, but I really like maple syrup for this combo)

½ - ¼ cup of your choice of milk (depends how runny you like smoothies)

How you make it:

            This one’s just as hard as the last one—blend and enjoy! Oh and let me know if do make this smoothie ‘cause I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!


            I hope this post helped put progress into perspective and helped you appreciate yourself more ‘cause you are your best friend and we don’t let friends think they are anything less but worthy! Feel free to share ways in which you have progressed with your goals—I always enjoy reading your responses!


‘til next time… Stay frosty!


ILY the Frosty Kitten



Hello, my lovelies! ILY aka Frosty Kitten here ^_^

Today is Monday! Ugh. Right? It’s okay—it doesn’t HAVE to be bad and here’s a couple ways to get your week started off right!




What a great quote, right? How many times have you found yourself looking for reasons why you can’t do something? I know I used to do that a lot! I still do it now, but only sometimes. Key word “sometimes.”

It’s hard to always be upbeat and kicking, I know. Sometimes you don’t even feel like getting out of bed, let alone go out in the world and do things like going to work or hitting up the gym for that sweet muscle burn.

The key to success isn’t being perfect all the time—it’s always doing the best you can in the circumstances that you’re in at the time! Cause you know what? Maybe today isn’t the day where everything goes right; maybe it’s quite the opposite of that. That’s OK. There’s always tomorrow! Just remember that when life happens to you in ways that seem out of your hand, you still have control over how you react to your situation.

So let’s make today awesome! I know you can do it! (whatever your “it” is for today)


The key to a great day is a great morning. And the key to a great morning is a good breakfast!





Here’s a twist on a great Marta Stewart breakfast smoothie. I really love putting oats and yogurt in my smoothies because it helps keep me full, and I love “textured” thick smoothies.


What you need:

1 small sliced banana (frozen or not)

1 sliced peach (2 if really small hehe)

¼ cup of raw almonds (I like mine roasted and lightly salted)

½ steel cut oats

1 cup fat free Greek yogurt (I love using the Chobani brand)

1-2 tbsp of maple syrup or honey (you can skip this if you want)

¼ milk of your choice

How you make it:

            Okay guys—brace yourselves!! This part is really hard. You throw everything in your blender and then press the start button and less than a minute later… you’re done! Oh and let me know if you do make this smoothie cause I’d love to hear what you thought of it!       


            I hope this post helped make the start of your week a bit less blah! I know I had a little bit of trouble starting my day also, but my morning run and yummy smoothie really helped kickstart everything the right way.


 ‘Til next time… Stay frosty!


ILY the Frosty Kitten



Hello my lovelies!
My name is Ilinca, but you may call me ILY or FrostyKitten.
With this blog entry I wanted to talk to you about healthy living! 
I hope this helps you think about your own way of living and how you can improve it ^-^





What is Healthy Living to You?

To me healthy living is a way of life. The way I go about living healthy is by trying to feed my body good, healthy, and nourishing food, as well as by training my body to become stronger, more flexible, and overall better than it used to be -- physically and mentally.

However, when it comes to healthy living there are many hardships attached to it. What are some of yours?


Eating Healthy is Not Easy

The hardest thing for me to manage is my eating habits. I love eating everything - - I am the nom monster! I try my best to limit my YOLOmeals count to one a week, but, to be honest, I probably have about 4+ of those each week. I know, I know: I'm such a terrible person, and I should definitely not be writing a blog about healthy living. But let me tell you why I'm the perfect person to be writing about it! 
            I understand the hardship, the struggle behind making healthy choices for your body when it comes to food. I'm trying really hard to make those choices for myself and not just because it's healthier for me to eat better, but because I feel like crap when I don't. No, I don't mean physically feel like crap like when you ate too many fries or had one too many servings of dessert. I mean mentally. Why? Because I'm in the habit of beating myself up over not following through with my plan of eating better. 

Instead of telling myself, “Hey, it’s OK! Everyone has their bad days and their good days when it comes to anything in life—don’t worry too much over it! You can always make better choices next time!” but instead I tell myself “Wow, here you go again stuffing yourself with fries and chocolate. Where do you think that fat will go, huh? Yep, that’s right. To your butt and that flabby belly you got hanging out. Way to go ruining all your efforts of working out today. Great. Just great!!”

Now, does that sound like something you would tell your best friend if they confessed to you that they didn’t eat so hot that day? I don’t think so. I think you would tell them something to reassure them that it’s OK, and that one unhealthy choice won’t ruin weeks of training. At least that’s what I would say to my friend. So… why aren’t we saying this to ourselves?



A Healthy Mind for a Healthy Body

In a world where everyone’s goal is to make money off other people’s insecurities, it’s normal that we would react negatively towards ourselves if we didn’t follow the “correct” path. Yes, I know—some of us are trying to be healthy just because we truly believe that’s what you should do; however, a lot of us are trying to be healthier because we have been told that that’s what we should do. And when you are told what to do, you are usually told how to do it too. Eat this, not that. Do this workout, not that. Ice cream? Why not frozen yogurt? Spaghetti? Why not whole wheat pasta with low sodium sauce?

It’s hard. Eating well is hard. Being made to feel like you aren’t good enough is hard. But you know what? You have to listen to your body with the ear of a friend. It’s OK to eat one or two more YOLOmeals a week than you’re “supposed” to. Maybe that’s what your body and mind reaaally needed that day. Yes, sometimes you eat more than you should because you try to fix an emotional problem with a physical thing (we will talk more about in a later post), but you know what? It’s OK. You are OK. You are more than OK. You are great! And once you believe this, and I mean really, really believe this, you will be more than great.

If there's anything I know about healthy living, it's that it all starts with building a healthy mind for a healthy body. If you don't treat yourself right mentally, you're not going to achieve much in any other aspect of your life.

Take me for example. I was ashamed of how I ate yesterday and of how I feel today because of yesterday, but I wanted to share this with you so that you know that you are not alone in this! I’ve been at this healthy living thing for a quite a while, and I still don’t have everything down perfectly. And that’s OK. One day I will, just like one day you will too!



Let’s Make a Promise to Ourselves

Let's make a promise that starting today, in this very moment, we will treat ourselves better emotionally, mentally, and physically. I know it's hard. I know it will take time, but I also know that we will eventually break free of that cage we put ourselves in. 

Don’t beat yourself up over one bad choice here and there—there’s plenty others who will do that for you, trust me. And the last thing you want is to be part of that group whose sole purpose is to bring you down.

Love yourself! Treat yourself right and everything will fall into place, I promise!!


Stay frosty!


ILY the Frosty Kitten


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