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A blog for people who love to write.  I will try to cover at least one topic a week, more if I'm feeling frisky,  Sometimes it will be tools we can use, sometimes I will just talk about my process and what I am working on now.

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Good Writing Habits

Hello, My name is SpaceMonkey(Jerry) and I am in love with words.  I love the way that words can be written, spoken, sung.  I am obsessed with the English Language, most especially as it relates to the written word.  I love poems, short stories, children’s stories, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, General Fiction, Non-Fiction; I even like to read the instructions on every single bottle, package, or paper I come across. 

I wanted to spend this first couple blog post talking with you about something that is very important for writing and that is: Writing Habits.  There are lots of different ways to write, but all of them benefit from developing certain habits that will help you achieve all that you strive for in writing.  There are also a few very bad habits we should all try and avoid; I will talk about four good ones in this post and my next post will be about four Bad Writing Habits. 

Good Writing Habits that I have found helpful:

1.        Write and/or read something every day.  This is probably the most important one.  Writing is a learned skill, like riding a bicycle or hitting a baseball.  Regardless of where you start, nearly everyone can learn how to write and the best way to learn is by reading and writing a lot.  Reading improves your vocabulary, word comprehension, and gives you a good feel for the way that words are strung together in various mediums.  Writing gives you practical experience with words and will push you to new heights, the more you write the better you get at it.  It does not have to be “professional writing”.  You can do a daily journal, keep a dream journal, maintain a blog, or even just collect quotes and bits of writing that speak to you. There are many other ways too; I’ve listed just a few. 

2.       If you don’t write it down, it never happened.  This habit is almost as important as number one.  We have all had that experience of going about our day and suddenly being struck by an amazing idea only to have it vanish later in the day back to whatever rabbit hole it popped out of.  Writing down your ideas as soon as you can after you have them will help you retain them for later expansion.  It might be a cool new plot twist for your novel, a perfect turn of phrase to begin or end a poem, or even a brand new philosophy that people the world over will embrace.  If you don’t write it down, it never happened.

3.       Keep a writing space.  This one sometimes goes unnoticed and I am not sure if it is universal or not but I have found it very helpful.  Basically, you want a space where you feel comfortable and secure to write.  Some people like to write in coffee shops, creating universes in their minds amidst the hustle and bustle of Modern Society.  Other people prefer the private sanctuary of a quite writing space.  What you decide is not important, all that is important that you have a space where you can be productive and get things done when you are in your writing time.

4.      Think about descriptions in everyday life.  Especially if you plan on writing a lot of poetry or fiction.  The next time you are out and about somewhere, just start picking random objects and think about the way that you would describe them if they were in a poem or story.  Remember that we have five senses, so don’t limit your descriptions to only what they look like.  Practicing this is the same as practicing writing.  It flexes a muscle in your brain that you will use regularly in writing and the more you practice, the more you will grow this ability.



Thank you for reading this blog, I hope you enjoyed it and I would like to close with some questions for discussion:

Do you practice any of the writing habits mentioned in this blog?  If so please share a little bit about it for other people.

What are some other good writing habits you have that you think would be helpful to other people?



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