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Dream Big or Go Home!

Hello lovelies! ILY the Frosty Kitten is back woooo *fireworks*

Today is Monday. Yep, that’s right. Another week has started! So let’s make the best of it by taking a moment to think about our dreams, about who we wanted to be before the world told us who we should or have to be.



            Remember when we were kids and our teachers would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up? I remember having so many ideas about what and who I wanted to be from pet shelter owner to astronaut to chef! Ah the good old days. The days when we looked upon the world with wonder and joy.

I feel like, for me, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way about the world or even myself. I did dream once, a few years back, about who I wanted to be because that’s just what I wanted not because it’s what someone else wanted. Sadly, due to circumstances, it remained a dream.

They say that there’s no bigger tragedy than regret, so let me tell you what I learned from regret. I learned that it’s (almost) never too late to get back to the drawing board and reimagine yourself. It’s never too late to dream again and work for it. And I mean really work for it. I also learned that there would be a lot of naysayers everywhere you go, no matter what you do and what you achieve, there will always be the one (hopefully just one) person to try and downplay your hard work, to tell you it’s not good enough. That’s okay. We need those people too! Yea that’s right. We need them. We need them to remind ourselves that we don’t have to please everyone, and that we have a long way to go if we are hurt by their words;  if you’re going to let a naysayer like that make your heart ache, you’ve got a loooong way to go on the path of self-love and self-acceptance.

Ay, there’s the rub. The main reason we don’t achieve our dreams is because we don’t believe in ourselves. It doesn’t matter what others think. Even if everyone around you was supportive and pushed you towards your dreams, yet you were too scared or lacked too much confidence… you’re not going anywhere. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, you give up on whatever it was that you wanted to start or had started already.

So let’s think about what we can do to have more confidence in ourselves and our abilities. Make some small achievable goals and work for them. Give yourself a little treat when you achieve one of them—for me it would definitely be a nice cold hazelnut frappucino or maybe some new activewear! Pick a treat that brings you joy.

Oh, and make a “crazy” goal too and accept that it may or may not happen, but continue to work for it! No matter what, keep moving forward, step by step, one day at a time and see where it takes you. Maybe you won’t get a Nobel prize or a Pulitzer prize or any prize at all, but the joy of working towards something you love and something you are passionate about will outshine anything else.



If you told me a few years ago that I'd be labelled as inspiring by my own inspiration, I'd laugh in your face... Dream big :) 

            I hope today’s post helped you in some way, maybe even if to just put things into perspective, give you a much needed kick in the bum to go and work for your dreams, whatever they may be.

            Let me know in the comments what your dreams are and what are some ways you try to work for them—and if you’re not working for them… then what are you waiting for?? 


Til next time… Stay Frosty!


ILY the Frosty Kitten





I keep telling @Joe Jones all this, back when he started writing for the fan site - He told me he wanted to be a paid writer, he said he wanted to go to university and I told him to do it.

I'm taking the advice now, as I want to form a business with JJ - big things.

Brilliant blog again, I'm sorry for not responding sooner!

PS. I love your graphics :D


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An interesting blog.

I like the graphics too, they are very creative and colourful.

Do you still live in sc? My auntie, uncle and 2 cousins live in Simpsonville.


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Agree with this 100%.Roundabout this time two years ago I had just left a job in a call centre - where I had been three years - where there was no career progression (despite having been promised a career path when I just joined), where we were treated like dirt and where I became so stressed that I ate and drank myself silly and put on about two stone (30lbs).

So anyway, I left there to go and work at a place which I thought was the next step on the career ladder - as accounts manager for a multinational firm dealing in clothing and accessories. It was a bilingual role, and everything seemed rosy. Except I ended up falling foul of management within probably about two weeks through no reason of my own, and they systematically drove me out before I'd even been there a total of five weeks.

And I pretty much spiralled into depression - there I was, a former A student at school, university graduate, who, four years after graduating, was left jobless after having worked menial jobs for all that time which "just didn't work out - oh what a shame". So anyway, after a lot of soul searching and brainstorming, I was at a crossroads - I could either carry on in the soul-crushing customer service industry, or I could focus on my passion - writing - and look to make that professional.

A chance conversation with an old friend opened the doors for me, as he was working for an online sports website and, thanks to the experience that Chris (Joey Matthews) had allowed me to build with Pride of Nottingham, I was able to get it. That was step 1.

Step 2 was to go back to university to do a journalism course, which had been a personal passion of mine. So for about seven months I was working two jobs at a total of about 50-60 hours a week to save up money to go back, and before I knew it September had come by and I was a postgraduate student.

Now, it didn't go particularly smoothly because it was a lot of hard work, I had a lot of personal and family problems going on at the time, and I remember what set me off - a photo of a load of my uni mates out the night before, with me not having been invited. Already I felt like I wasn't getting along with that, and that seemed to confirm it for me.

Really, looking back it wasn't too big a deal, but at the time I fell into the grip of anxiety and paranoia, and I will admit that, around March time, I had a bit of a breakdown where, for a few days, I just didn't leave the house and my head was just an overload of information. Luckily it managed to dissipate after a bit of a time out and I was back in business, but it was scary, I'd never had anything like that happen to me before.

But yeah, I digress. Anyway, I soldiered on, passed all my modules, and roundabout this time I then was contacted by another friend who told me about this freelancing/temp role at a public relations firm and, as I had learned from my other friend, never turn down a job opportunity. 

So two years on, I am now effectively earning a full-time wage from working as a writer and reporter, and in addition there are also some possible business ventures on the horizon with JM. Sure, I'm not getting paid that much, I'm pretty much constantly in "on" mode, it can get a bit weary at times, and they're not super-stable cushy contracts like I may have had in previous jobs. But the fact that I can call myself a professional writer and reporter (and I can also chuck in "journalist" in there as I did a day freelancing at my local newspaper) after just two years of making the decision - well, it's the greatest feeling in the world. :)


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@Joe Jones Thank you so  much for sharing your inspirational story! The path to passion really is a roller coaster full of surprises isn't it? It's good to know that hard work pays off in the end.

I can relate with you about the depression and call center job after working to be such a good student previously. I had that happen too. I used to call in sick every Tuesday because after Monday's craziness, I just couldn't even be bothered to get out of bed, let alone deal with more angry customers.

I feel like I find myself in the same spot you did a couple of years ago, so I am trying my best to change the present into a more likeable one by following my passion for fitness/healthy living and art/writing :) 

What a pleasant surprise, getting such a detailed response -- I'm very grateful!

Thanks for stopping by :x


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Aww, I appreciate your response - it's something that I had been wanting to share for ages but everytime I get about halfway through, I delete it because I think "I'm just talking s**t, nobody's going to read through this". But I felt it appropriate given the topic here about just going for it and chasing your dreams. I mean, there will always be planning involved, and as things are with me it's still, shall we say "first draft", but hopefully in a year or two I will be in a really good place and be reaping the benefits of this hard work I've put in. And I wish you all the best as well @FrostyKitten - just make sure there's a good framework in place for your dream to take shape, and just go for it! :) xx


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