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Monday Rest Day? What??

Hello lovelies! Frosty Kitten here.

Wooo it’s Monday again! Did you make the best of last week? We spend a lot of time talking about doing your best, but what about taking a break when you need it? Let’s talk about it.



We could learn a lot from our pets!


            Whether it’s fitness, school, work, or just life in general, we are often made to believe that taking a break every now and then will only stall your progress. Breaks are bad! Don’t take breaks—breaks mean you’re not doing anything!! Oh god! You’re not BUSY? Then clearly you are lazy and useless. Bad! BAD!

            Okay. Deep breath. One… two… three… and repeat after me “I am a hardworking, asskicking, awesome human being that has EARNED this break.” Yes, that’s right. It’s not the end of the world if you take five for a breather. In fact, taking a break is often very beneficial for you, yet for some reason we’re all about that glorifying “busy” all the time. It almost seems like one of the staples of modern “first world” life nowadays—if you’re not busy, you’re a slob. A slack. Useless. Worthless.

            Don’t worry, you’re still awesome. Sure, don’t make breaks an excuse to actually be lazy, but, please, do take a break when everything feels like too much. It’s really important that your brain and soul get some r&r. You know what happens when you don’t take breaks? You underperform, and the worse you do, the harsher and meaner you become towards yourself. You’ll end up thinking that maybe you’re just not good at doing X anymore. You’ll think surely a break is not the answer because that would mean not doing anything towards becoming better at doing X which you clearly aren’t doing well in anymore. Don’t worry. You’re still good at doing X, but your brain, soul, and body need a breather!

I remember one time when I was seeing amazing daily progress with my 5k training. It was amazing! I felt unstoppable! Then, one day, I couldn’t hit the time mark anymore. Not even by half. Huffing and puffing all the way just to see I had only run for five minutes instead of my usual twenty. Bye bye confidence!

I spent a long time trying to fix it by running more and sticking to the schedule better and maybe some more leg training in my days “off” (which, by the way, were never actual days off) would help. You know what that achieved? I couldn’t run for more than three minutes at a time now. If it wasn’t my heart giving up or my lungs, then it was my legs or my shoulders would start aching. Everything was just going wrong! It was horrible because I was a couple weeks of training away from participating in my first 5k race. I lost heart and stopped running.

A week went by without me running. Then it was two weeks. Then I gave up on finding a race to fit my schedule. And just like that three months of training down the drain and out the window. I wish I could tell you this great story of redemption where I got off my bum and ran my heart out and kicked the 5k’s butt! But… the truth is that the next time I went running, while I did a very good job now that my body had time to rest, I didn’t really have it in me to go through that heartache again. I still haven’t run a 5k race, but I did hit five kilometers distance in a few of my morning runs, and now, when I do run, I usually run around four kilometers instead of my usual two.

Maybe that experience didn’t push me to try harder for being 5k race day ready, but it did help me understand that breaks are vital. That if you don’t allow your body to rest, you’re not going anywhere fast. And while I am upset that my 5k dream won’t get fulfilled this year, I am grateful for the experience. Next time I’ll have a better plan, and I’ll kick 5k race butt. I know it! For now I’ll stick with my pilates and yoga practice and keep my body strong for the next 5k training session.


Courage doesn't always roar, sometimes it's the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering, "I will try again tomorrow."
-- Mary Anne Radmacher

I know you all work hard every day. Sometimes even just getting out of bed is a battle. Sometimes finding time for breaks is difficult, but there’s a reason why places like Canada have a bunch of random holiday days off like Family Day, and there’s a good reason why yoga sessions end in Savasana: breaks are really, really important.

I hope you all had a restful weekend, and if you’re like me right now and the weekend wasn’t enough, make some time today to take a breather. The world won’t end if you do, I promise!

Let me know in the comments below what you like to do when you’re taking a break from the world!

‘til next time… Stay Frosty!


ILY the Frosty Kitten




It's been a battle for me recently, just everything that can go wrong seems to be but that said, I am thankful for this because it brightens up my day.

I hope to start jogging with @Jake soon enough.

As always great blog! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)


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He'll probably be faster than me, haha! No, it will be nice to do something different together.

Bribe by rewarding him with a treat on the way. :P

Your welcome, keep 'em coming!


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Its an interesting blog, i think of too many things to do in a day sometimes, then when i sit down and have a break.. feeling too tired to carry on.. it does feel like i've not done anything/enough. Keep them coming.

At least your not taking Ellie, you'd be left in the distance @joey_matthews


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@cheeky~k8 I know what you mean about feeling like you haven't done anything/enough. Having been a stay at home wife for a few months now, I definitely always feel that way. But the key to anything is to just do the best you can and go from there ^_^ 

Thanks for reading! Sounds like @joey_matthews has been challenged to a race against Ellie.


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I used to feel like i did more when my youngest was at nursery part time, not school full time.. shes only been there full time since september and i already feel like that. Getting bored and want to go out and get a part time job, but i know in the school holidays or if the kids are ill, no-one will be able to look after them. I need to get out more or find another hobby. Doing your best is always a good thing. @FrostyKitten.

As for if our 7 year old Ellie challenged him to a race.. i think she'd win. Currently i would win Ellie, but shes getting faster.

She loves the outdoors, riding her bike, scooter, running and gymnastics.


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Interesting to read up about the 5k running, I have a few friends who frequently run in charity events and they get sponsorship for local businesses which are struggling down due to some redevelopment within my area.

So do you run regularly? Its good to see someone on site all geared towards fitness.

Nice blog as always.



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@liam wow that's awesome to hear about your friends! I wish I could do something like that!!

I used to run regularly, but now I don't do it as much. I've replaced my running with weight training :) I still enjoy going for a run every now and then (usually once a week when I'm too lazy for pilates). I am trying to start up my 5k running schedule again, but right now I'm having a hard time fitting that in my schedule, so we will see! ^_^

Thanks for stopping by!


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