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    Please consider joining our community and contribute to the site. With your support P&A! Online can achieve great things together as a creative hub.


  1. Announcements

    1. Site Announcements

      Latest news and important announcements about the Poetry & Art! Online site and community.

  2. Poetry & Art! Online Community

    1. General Discussion

      Exactly what it says, General discussions here. Anything which doesn't fit anywhere else can be talked about here.

    2. Entertainment & News

      Read or seen something interesting? Share and debate about about Entertainment & news or just play along with some of out community games.

    3. Introductions

      New to P&A! Online? Why not tell us about yourself, so we can say hello and welcome you.

  3. Poetry & Art! Online Together

    1. Collaborations

      Fancy working alongside another P&A! Online member? Have a project? This is the place for members to share and post about their collaborations.

    2. The Workshop

      This sections aim is to open all artistic forms and hold regular workshop meeting via topics, this way members can drop by without missing out!

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    3. Challenges & Artistic Exercises

      Here members can post challenges & artistic exercises for others to take part in or compete against with each other - If you fancy challenging someone, this is the place to do it.

  4. The Gallery

    1. General Art

      Painting, sketch, doodle etc, any general artwork can be submitted here for feedback.

    2. Photography

      Budding photographer? Captured a picture your proud of? Share it with the community and receive insightful comments.

    3. Textiles & Fashion

      Do you produce your own clothes, knitwear etc? Into the artistic side of fashion and have something you would like to share? Why not just do that.

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    4. Computer Graphics

      Graphic designer? Share anything you've made using photoshop/other art applications.

  5. The Cabin

    1. Poetry

      Submit your poetry to share with the community. Please use In-depth & Re-working for more detailed feedback.

    2. Songwriting

      Into songwriting? Why not share your lyrics, music with us and we'll let you know our thoughts.

    3. Fiction

      Share your short stories and prose here, ask for suggestions or request feedback.

  6. The Studio

    1. Music Production

      Recorded any songs, tracks or pieces that you'd like to showcase? Want to learn more - or indeed share advice - about how to play the latest instruments, work the latest software or get the best sound? This is the section for you.

    2. Video Production

      Anything related to moving visual imagery comes under here. Whether you want to get advice on how to film a gig or showcase your latest artistic video, this is the right place for you.

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Poetry & Art! Online focuses on talent in a wide range of creative fields. It’s our aim to nurture, encourage and provide our members with an excellent place to showcase their talents.

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