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Artwork often inspires people, bringing them together. For me, this is one of the best things about the social platform Instagram. I have operated various pages, a personal one etc – yet for me it’s running the Poetry & Art! Online page, which I enjoy doing the most.

Why? I get to see so many talented people and I am genuinely excited each time I open up my Ipad in order to submit our communities talent; it opens me up to a completely new level of submissions.

In this piece, I will be highlighting artwork from TV, Films, and character images that I have been privileged to see on the social network Instagram.

All artwork shared remains the property of the respective artist or trademark holder.

Everyone growing up or from time to time would have seen ‘The Wizard of Oz’, as a small boy, I can remember watching this on VHS and the story always gripped me. The level of colour throughout the movie really captured my attention and having noticed this fine submission by “48NOSDUG84”, it brought back many memories of my childhood. As the picture depicts, we see the Wicked Witch of the West, looking into her magic ball and to her side, a flying monkey. The style of this painting really captures my attention much like the original movie did as a small child. The background completely draws you into the focus point, with the Wicked Witch of the West struck in mid pose.

There’s no surprise to see an array of Star Wars inspired artwork on Instagram, as it’s not to see Darth Vader but when you come across a painting, depicting the sith lord and master of the dark side posing in such a prominent pose – you can only take note. The flame like background adds to the stance, whilst the lightsabre just adds to the menacing pose. Any lover of the movies would naturally like this, however it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I personally got to accept my liking for the franchise and for me, seeing art work inspired by the movie such as what “crealoutre” has created, just adds to the appeal.

I had a hard time not including artwork just from Superhero films, these have flooded the cinemas screens in abundance and with television getting their own hands on the likes of ‘Arrow’, ‘Daredevil’ and ‘The Flash’ to name a few. It surprises me that I haven’t included more than just this picture, yet there’s something about this artwork that I found captivating. Groot is one of the most unlikely of Superheroes, yet it’s my 9-year-old’s passion for him, which appealed me to this fantastic painting. Again the background plays a major part, yet it’s the simple gesture from this gentle giant – Groots gentleness to hold out his hand to a small child. This piece is powerful for so many reasons, yet none more so than this. Artbysmall94 did a fantastic job creating this!

Likewise, as a small child I found myself obsessed with horror movies from the classic era to the modern day – Most within the community will have picked this up by now, especially those who know me personally. Yet what would it be without seeing Christopher Lee making an appearance! His death was a major loss to the film industry, let alone the horror genre and ‘jasonkincaid76’ does a fantastic job here capturing the brilliance of the first ever Dracula movie. This may be an iconic moment well known to many, yet the detail is outstanding and it really does capture the moment extremely well.

My better half of more than 10 years, Cheeky~K8 is obsessed with many Disney characters but there is one little fella which is literally found in every single room in our house and that is ‘Stitch’. So, when I found myself browsing through Instagram, I came across this and it reminds me of a picture that Cheeky created. You are probably picking up by now, that I am an admirer of backgrounds. I don’t believe they should be plain and boring, as they offer so much more than just something to bring out the foreground. This excellent picture by ‘styles_nikki’ picks up on that, it offers the viewer a warm fussy moment – one whereby you cannot help but take in what has captured Stitches attention. Just everything about this screams out talent, from the colouring to the drawing itself.

Lastly, I turn my attention back to another iconic moment as a child. I can still recall seeing ‘Beetlejuice’ for the first time on the T.V, long before the days of instant video streaming or Netflix. It’s within this picture that I found myself thinking how magnificent simplicity can be, toning and pencil work offers great detail to any picture but it’s the elegance of the moment captured which stands out the most. What would Beetlejuice be without some of his wacky black magic? ‘Slickrick677’ captures this very well but I urge you to check other film inspired artwork out over on his Instagram account.

Wicked Witch of the West by @48NOSDUG84
Darth Vader by @crealoutre
Groot by @artbysmall94
Dracula – Christopher Lee by @jasonkincaid76
Stitch by @styles_nikki
BeetleJuice by @slickrick677

Go check out their Instagram account for more awesome art!
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Which is your favourite? Why? And what memories do they bring back for you? Comment below.
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Joe Jones
Russia’s culture ministry has promised to launch an inquiry after authorities in one region burned at least 50 books and confiscated dozens more from university libraries because they contain sentiments “alien to Russian ideology”.
Educational authorities in the Komi republic, a region in Russia’s Arctic northwest, said they destroyed 53 books found in the library of the Vorkutka Mining and Economics College because they were published with money from the Soros Foundation, a philanthropic foundation that was effectively banned in Russia last year.
“We removed their entries from the catalogue, took the books downstairs and burnt them in bins in the college courtyard,” Elena Vasileva, a college librarian, told a local news site.
In a letter published on Wednesday, Komi regional education officials said the books had been pulled from libraries under instructions from Andrei Travnikov, a deputy of Vladimir Putin’s official envoy to Russia’s northwestern federal district.
Besides the 53 books burned at the Mining and Economics College, the regional education ministry said 14 books found in the Vorkutka Polytechnic would be shredded, and that the Ukhtinsky State Technical University had been advised to take similar "measures for removal" of 413 Soros-published volumes found in its library.
The admission follows the leak of a letter, purportedly from Mr Travnikov to Tamara Nikolaeva, the deputy head of the Komi regional government, last month.
In the letter, scanned copies of which appeared on the internet in December, Mr Travnikov said books published by the Soros Foundation “give young people a distorted perception of national history and popularise sentiments alien to Russian ideology“.
Vladimir Medinsky, the Russian minister of culture, called the book burning “unacceptable” and strongly denied his ministry would have sanctioned such a decision.
“I have asked for materials, an investigation, to establish what happened,” Mr Medinsky said. “Book burning looks so bad and raises such historical associations that, in my view, it is completely unacceptable,” he added.
Russia's General Prosecutor's Office essentially banned two branches of Soros' charity network in November, placing the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Open Society Institute (OSI) on a "stop list" of foreign non-governmental organizations whose activities were deemed "undesirable" by the Russian state.
George Soros, a Hungarian-born American billionaire, is viewed with deep suspicion in Russia because of his funding of civil society groups that can be critical of the government.
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Joe Jones
Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has published photos of himself with Lego hanging off his moustache and beard to celebrate the toy maker’s decision to back down on rules that blocked a bulk order of bricks he had placed several months ago.
Lego said on Tuesday it had dropped restrictions on large orders after facing a storm of criticism for declining his request for pieces for a large public work in Australia in October.
Ai, known for his criticism of China’s rights record, had accused the Danish toymaker of censorship and set up collection points for people to send him bricks.
Lego said at the time it had a long-running policy of not fulfilling bulk orders or donating bricks if they knew they would be used as part of a “political agenda”, but it said in a statement on Tuesday it would stop asking people why they wanted its products.
It did not refer directly to Ai’s order, but acknowledged that the rules “could result in misunderstandings or be perceived as inconsistent”. Customers wanting to build public displays out of Lego bricks would now only have to make it clear that the company did not endorse the project.
AI has used the multi-coloured building blocks before to build portraits of other dissidents, including Nelson Mandela.
Chinese authorities confiscated Ai’s passport in 2011 and detained him for 81 days, only returning the document in July last year.
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