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    I like this too buddy... more of a lament, emotive and deep... lovely stuff
  2. Minor Illusions

    thanks Joe
  3. CHRISTMAS (deconstructed)

    quite a piece... would sound good read out.. but.. as mentioned.. don't need the dashes.. but it didn't spoil it.. good writing bud.. a soul catchers dream .. just wonderful..
  4. A Gentle Slave To Calming

    it was indeed lovely x
  5. When Clouds are Mountains

    wonderful pics hun xx
  6. A Gentle Slave To Calming

    thanks Mike .. always appreciate your kind words!
  7. Minor Illusions

  8. A Gentle Slave To Calming

    A Gentle Slave To Calming All Words By : Stewart Alexander ò Copyrighted 2014 I whisper steps in auditoriums Drive by lakeside provinces in a hum Words are white swollen guitar-strings in the bin Where I feel the tender the moon the sun Jump-start early morning sunshine Poetry clears her throat from smoke My thoughts they’re blackened by trees and lumber-jacks Please someone save me as I choke Sophisticated dirt cleansing my depression I’m running the hurt from my face I die I free wet gold into the realm While bullets smile and pass me at pace Stepping on long patience glamour to my final dust In my portrait hides a smile lost in last reprise Listing like a watered ship broken bottles captured The last poetic look in my sullen eyes Falling with proverbial stars I’ve become what I hate the most A gentle slave to calming Sapphired thoughts running through my veins I live in alienation open to the harming A castle made of sand crumbles in my hand I hear the weeping high The day turns to stray away from the cold To a warmer smoother silent sigh Missing windows tend to crash on the inside Heat and dry skin still plague me in willow Wine is morbid delightfully dead For sick dreams from my sweat keep staining my pillow ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Eagle Spirit

    thanks both.. really glad you like it and see different things too...
  10. Fractured

    thanks Goddess,,, it is tactile glad I spark imagination!
  11. Black Playgrounds

    thanks Goddess glad you found it chilled out!
  12. Serendipity

    thanks goddess that means a lot glad it had such an affect on you ..
  13. Serendipity

    I will... thanks mate glad it gripped you!
  14. Eagle Spirit

    thanks matey .. the one who bought it loved it,, I need to paint more soon... I've missed it...
  15. Black Playgrounds

    no lyrics.. just an instrumental at this point... may think about lyrics though .. cheers bud!

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