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  1. Eurasia United

    I echo what @joey said, nice idea and fun.
  2. Dexter Fanfiction

    Do you write other fan fiction? This is pretty cool. I had a look through your account on that site, just in case. I also know very little about the show but I did enjoy reading your writing.
  3. Flags @ Stadia

    Nice pictures of stadiums! I like them all equally, i cannot single just one out. I hope to see more.
  4. Congrats SpaceMonkey

    This is brill news, congrats to you both. How much did Roland weigh @SpaceMonkey?
  5. Pieman

    Stunning photography! This is what i like about the site, people inspiring others and I would also say my favourite is the second picture. The third reminds me of the blood moon images, it is also nice.
  6. Mused Morrigan the Mad

    Hello, pleased to see you here and posting. Hope you enjoy the site and feel a part of the community
  7. Your Setup

    Thanks @Cobby. I will probably purchase one from the Argos in town. Its only a short walk from where I live, so I can have a go at this.
  8. Moments

    I think this would attract youngsters into writing, its written so delicately.
  9. Death 2nd Draft

    Nice reworking, I also feel it comes across spot on now. Well done @SpaceMonkey
  10. new to photography

    What are the rules @Cobby @CWBunker? I like looking at pictures and i think these are good, it makes me want to visit the location.
  11. Not read any of his books but I do like hearing that children are being given free books! Hopefully David can make sure his campaign is just as effective.
  12. Your Setup

    @Cobby can you suggest a good compact camera? I do not want to jump into buying a dlsr yet.
  13. David Walliams helps launch child literacy campaign

    Good to see books being put back into the hands of children, there was nothing like this for me at school. Most of the books in my schools library was damaged!
  14. Simple Photography

    That is a good picture to take, it just shows mobiles can be used.
  15. BMX Collection

    I did not know you was into bmxing @Cobby! These pictures remind me of when i was 15 with my mates, the ones taken at night look brill!

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