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  1. Juanito

    Its very heart-felt and the last part of it is very moving too.
  2. Quantum in Solace

    This is a good poem... different to your others years ago. my favourite part is; Will my mind know, equanimity? When I am old? Through time heals no pain. It only creates holes, in my mind, Where the echoes of retention leave my soul.
  3. Eagle Spirit

    May sound strange.. as i tend to see things that arn't really there. I can see palm tree leaves in the top part of the picture. Its a good painting and my guess is its nothing like what i can see.
  4. I've not heard of him either, but it was interesting.
  5. Afternoon!

    Christmas can be stressful, but i try to find the fun part in it more than anything. I have been busy sorting some things out ready for december. I don't want to put my christmas decorations up until the 1st of december, but the kids want them up before. I like to see the kids happiness around this time of year, but i'm not so keen on sitting with all the other parents watching 3 different school plays(due to the parents not the kids).
  6. Drawing of sea creatures

    Thank you for your comments Stewart and Goddess! I've recently stopped drawing again due to being busy, but i need to get back into it.
  7. Flags @ Stadia

    They are good photos, i like the last one the most. The atmosphere on the second one is impressive.
  8. Congrats SpaceMonkey

    Congratulations SpaceMonkey and your wife!
  9. Mused Morrigan the Mad

    Welcome to the site. I look forward to seeing your posts.
  10. Soft Innate

    I like this my favourite part is; Candlelight reflects her smile Silk dresses lipstick-marks Drowning sorrow by the mile She makes my day alive in sparks
  11. Fractured

    I like the way it looks sort of 3d, the lines stick out like spiders legs. Its good.
  12. To Murder Crows

    Its great, the lyrics go very well together.
  13. Pieman

    My favourite one is the 2nd one.. it looks very bright and eye catching. The painting is also good, how the rainbow colours make the painting look very appealing.
  14. Love(pt 1)

    This is a good flowing poem my favourite part is; A light that illuminates with its Feverish regard The darkness that is everywhere
  15. Pumpkins & Halloween

    We went trick or treating with these 3 yesterday evening

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