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  1. I have been working on these the past few aim is to produce prints to sell via my website.
  2. digital painting attempt

    Inspired by the earlier digital painting post this is my attempt done last year and still not completed....give me a pencil and brush any day.
  3. Painting from scratch in Photoshop

    Very impressive. Ive tried a few digital paintings but only realy know basics on photoshop...i use it for bold graphic design stuff but have to resort to old school methods for the detail stuff. Keep it up you have a tallent.
  4. Thank for the great comments
  5. Im never without one, even have a pocket sketch book that I take everywhere.
  6. Thanks guys. Here are a few more....
  7. The ramblings of an obsessed doodleaholic
  8. I will post more later when Im home from work.
  9. Inspired by other posts and hope to encorage people to pursue there tallents This is the first time Ive shared images from my sketch books, there are many scattered about the house some Im sure Ive even forgoten about. I see my sketch books as a tool to clear my mind and try ideas out, often i find i have so many ideas in my head i just have to get them out. Often pages are filled with nothing of use but thats the way it is and occasionly you come across a gem. Hope this inspires others to start keeping sketch books (Sorry for any spelling issue writing is not my strong point I have dyslexia but still give it a go)
  10. Siouxsie Darkside - gothic character.

    K8 you should work on some original characters you have a good eye for illustration maybe try some different mediums.....get some nice pigment liner pens and some water colour pencils sharpies are good too. Keep it up the more you do it the better you get. If you ever want any advise just ask.
  11. mixed media 'tattoo inspired paintings'

    Not that I know of however i would if i could afford it.
  12. Stitch reading a book to ducks

    Nice work k8
  13. time for bed...but heres what i did today

    For those from the other side of the Trent I will be doing a meadow lane one later this week. But for now here is the completed image of my place of worship.....
  14. time for bed...but heres what i did today

    Still some way to go but thats for another day

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