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  1. Bulgaria

    Some interesting pictures, it seems strange people would visit something which appears to be abandoned and yet the information makes it intriguing. Great share!
  2. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Dear members/visitors, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Have a wonderful time folks! Poetry & Art! Online will be looking forward to a productive 2016.
  3. Quantum in Solace

    Quantum in Solace When I am older, will I have solace? Will I see greatness, happen before I die? Or will my eyes, still see hurt, And tire of my unwinding heart? Will my mind know, equanimity? When I am old? Through time heals no pain. It only creates holes, in my mind, Where the echoes of retention leave my soul. And the sound of music, reminds me of innocence. And the sound of voices, Remind me I am loved.
  4. Serendipity

    Powerful start, it absolutely gripped me and just the visionary used makes it so appealing. In fact, it's the opening lines which I personally like the most! This really did catch my attention. Keep 'em coming!
  5. Eagle Spirit

    I thought it was another angel mate, though the more I looked, the more I realised that the swooping aspect beneath - formed what appears to be an outline of a mountain. Also liking the work near the bottom.
  6. Black Playgrounds

    It was over the 3 minute mark whereby I asked myself 'When is Stewart going to sing'. This is probably because I was enjoying the guitar work and slightly preoccupied. Yet, despite the vocals there's something really peaceful and beautiful about it - Have you put lyrics to this at all? (just out of interest). Great job mate.
  7. Brian Blessed 'threw away £50m Picasso artwork'

    Ah, Brian - He's hasn't half got a well known voice but he isn't blessed with much else. I had chuckled when I heard of this!
  8. Afternoon!

    Christmas is exactly what I need right now. Though, I've just performed an upgrade and need to fix the theme - or ask a friend to fix/upgrade that. In the process of speaking to my host regarding some malicious activity we have experienced, nothing major and this happened a few weeks back now but it's funny (in a sense) because I am sure @Jake could have done worse damage had I granted him access. Mind, I have all the information required. Just spending much of my time recently with my family and planning things properly. The start of this place, will soon be replicated and I can only apologise to those who have contributed whilst I've been occupied/ill.
  9. Share a music video topic

    I wasn't a big of Def Leppard, though I must admit I was pleased to hear this. Rock music's missed bands like this!
  10. Congrats SpaceMonkey

    Congratulations to @SpaceMonkey and his better half on the birth of their little bundle of joy. Little Roland was born at 4:35am. Brilliant news bud, I hope you don't mind me sharing this with the community. Just for old habits, I almost wrote 'SpaceMoney' LOL... Do you recall how I used to do that from time to time bud? Send our regards to your wife also bud.
  11. Eurasia United

    I really hate seeing people putting themselves down, the vocals aren't as bad as you think - at least for me. It's far better than what I could do! Mind you, I don't mind speaking now but singing near anyone is a big no no. You sounded like you had fun, which for me is the bigger picture and I feel I should know the original but I don't. Interesting idea though, very creative too!
  12. Dexter Fanfiction

    My knowledge of Dexter is pretty limited, I didn't really like it. I've just finished reading upto the second page where it mentions the bleach. It reads well, it's not really an area where I feel I could proved much feedback, this is more @Joe Jones's neck of the woods but I did enjoy it. I didn't realise people wrote fan fiction like this for a site, seems to be quite popular. Kudos for sharing! Keep 'em coming.
  13. Space Clouds

    I love it, the colour, the clouds - it's just stunning. It looks very 'heavenly' and out of this world. Just magnificent! It's that cool, I am speechless!
  14. Juanito

    When I share this socially, I will include the gofundme page! I'll also ask @Joe Jones to write up about it, he's sort of used to covering stories like these and it does it well. I couldn't read the writing in the picture but I found the attached written below touching. Keep 'em coming!
  15. Mused Morrigan the Mad

    Welcome to Poetry & Art! Online @Morrigan. It's nice to have you hear with us and I feel you will enjoy the site, it's a little slow right now (mostly my own fault) - yet this is our second month since re-opening and it's going quite well. Thanks for taking the time to join us.

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