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  1. Pumpkins & Halloween

    Your kids need to stop being so adorable!! Love the pumpkins!
  2. Mused Morrigan the Mad

    Welcome! Glad to have you aboard! I also love Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn! I've watched it a lot of times hehe
  3. Weekly Talk; 12th-18th October

    Today seems (emphasis on seems) to be the first day to the path of healing for me, and I don't mean healing from a physical sickness but more of a mental one. To make a long story short, I haven't been feeling well mentally these past couple of weeks, and that's why I have been so absent around here. I feel OK today. Not great, but not bad. I still need some "time off" from life, but I'm slowly getting back in the groove. I've also started a Japanese language course which is eating all my spare time lately. I hope everyone is going to have a good rest of the week!
  4. just me playing..good shots I think from my friend :)

    Nice black and white pics! Composition and lighting is awesome in them
  5. Pyro

    I like this photo! I can feel the warmth come through Reminds me of autumn for some reason.... good shot!
  6. Sunset Collage

    Gorgeous! Some of these remind me of the ending to Pride and Prejudice movie (the one with Kiera Knightly). Very well taken photos!
  7. Bird at Sunset

    Wow what a happy accident indeed. I love how you captured the bird! The spread of its wings is awesome!!! I love simple, minimalistic shots like this
  8. The Monk On The Hill

    Very striking image! Love how you painted the sea and waves
  9. wolf spirit beautiful

    Is this done on canvas? Kind of has that texture to it. I like how lighting works in this painting.
  10. Trap door

    Cute drawing! I like the little spider guy. I think it's awesome how you can use so much color and not make everything look like one big mess like some people do. I've always stayed away from color because of that reason hehe Good work!
  11. Collection of Nottingham inspired paintings

    Awesome! Love seeing the before and after so to speak. I can see these either in a comicbook or one of those diners that has art of other buildings hehe.
  12. Homemade Dough Models

    Awww love the potato! Now I want to play plants vs zombies... what did you paint them with? Acrylic?
  13. A couple of snaps

    First photo is my favourite. I don't know it looks like something I'd see in a magazine -- clear image, good color saturation, good framing and composition! I also like the other two, but I think the first one stands out more because all the elements seem on point! I do like the foreground/background action going on in the 3rd pic Makes me feel like I'm there.
  14. Drawing of sea creatures

    I like that the octopus (at least to me) looks beat up cause it reminds me of a stand up about that. Anyway... cute drawing
  15. digital painting attempt

    This is great! Add some shadows and a perspective-ish road and it will look even more 3D Good drawing!!!

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