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  1. Juanito

    Beautiful. Succinct. Heartfelt
  2. Morrissey wins Bad Sex in Fiction prize

    Absolutely hilarious! I thought the winning section was somewhat cringey and confusing but seriously I have surely never read anything as hysterical as Thanks for the laugh :-)
  3. John Constable's The Lock set for auction

    Great article. I enjoyed finding out something about the background of the painting which was a little more informative than "painted by Constable in 1800s" It is certainly a beautiful piece and it will be interesting to see how much it eventually sells for and who to,
  4. Most liked Instagram photos of 2015 revealed

    As an avid technophobe and general avoider of social media as a trend I have never really paid much heed to Instagram tbh therefore it's something I have a vague awareness of which coincides nicely with the images of the celebrities pictured which I also know pretty much nothing about apart from the music of two. I suppose then that these as the top 10 photos for the year should give me a good idea of what Instagram is about. Yet I still find I am none the wiser.
  5. What words really mean: David Foster Wallace's dictionary

    Very interesting. I particularly found the references to the pervasive forms of advertising English becoming much more common a rather stark reminder of how little attention we often pay to the actual meaning of words. Definately an article I would have enjoyed plonking on a few English teachers desks when they questioned my use of the language.
  6. Fractured

    Oooooh I really like this one. The title encapsulates everything about it and personally it says so much. I would love to be able to see the real thing it seems to have a really tactile texture that begs to be touched yet simultaneously warns of fragility and the possibility of breaking. A really great piece that sparks my crazy illustrative imagination.
  7. Flags @ Stadia

    Great pics which really capture the energy and passion of a good football match. I like the cheeky little England flag in the first pic made me giggle when I spotted it after admiring the co-ordination of holding up that huge flag. I particularly like the striking contrast of black/white in the other 2 probably because it is a classic combination and always eye catching, However, getting a closer view of the spectators really brings you into the photo and somewhat closer to the excitement and energy of a football match encapsulated in a moment.
  8. Drawing of sea creatures

    Cute and colourful. I actually prefer the blue cyclops squid because it has a rather determined look as though it's about to race off the page after spotting something quite exciting while the other guys hang around almost posing.
  9. Quite thought provoking really. I am aware of many campaigns raised recently in the media regarding mental health but tbh never really took much notice of whether the people portrayed were all white rather just tried to absorb the general message. Yet being forced to focus on the idea does bring to mind other campaigns to highlight medical problems specific to particular ethnic groups or even to remind people as this campaign does, that many health issues are not a "white people's" problem but a "people" problem.
  10. Congrats SpaceMonkey

    Congratulations to you both
  11. Afternoon!

    Really? Bah humbug!!! It's only November!!!!!! I find Christmas rather stressfull so much to do with the kids and preparing with the pub as well. At least I don't have to decorate the cave yay! (although I have been gifted some outdoor icicle lights) Sorry to hear about the bad vibes around here guess it shows you are doing a good job with the site if someone wants to jeopardise it. Mostly stressing with work and personal life, trying to fit a million jobs into 24hrs and hiding from Christmas lol. On a creative side I have been attempting to stay sane with some Zentangle art which will be shared at some point after I catch up with everything I have missed.
  12. Black Playgrounds

    I thouroughly enjoyed listening to this track it was so relaxing almost meditative. I enjoyed the paintings cycling through it was almost like being in an art gallery and wandering around admiring the display, I personally didn't miss lyrics but then I do enjoy instrumental pieces and this was the perfect piece to suit my mood :-)
  13. Brian Blessed 'threw away £50m Picasso artwork'

    Well thanks for saying it first Joey :-) I recall reading the story about the baby and thinking *%$!^*!!!!! Certainly a couple of anecdotes you couldn't make up. Could you.....??
  14. Eagle Spirit

    Sorry Joey but that is clearly a bird which is what I expected from the title. I love the swooping elegance of the eagle although at first it reminded me more of a phoenix perhaps because of the outline. Yet scrolling down to see, what to me appears as crashing waves, creates a shift of focus to appreciate the essence of the bird flying with elegance and majesty high above it all. A very well presented visual of an ethereal concept.
  15. Serendipity

    Beautifully engaging. I love the pace and drama of this piece it almost makes me feel drunk to read it. The imagery is particularly hedonistic and for some reason I am particularly struck by "the sequins on the parachute" although I think my favourite part has to be so beautiful yet dark and sorrowful imagery.

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