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What words really mean: David Foster Wallace\'s dictionary

Started by Call me Cordelia, October 25, 2015, 06:27:31 PM

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avatar_Call me Cordelia

Call me Cordelia

I recently came across\" rel=\"external nofollow\">a blog post about David Foster Wallace\'s essays. Having only barely heard of the man (and the controversy of having Jason Segel play him in a biopic), I was intrigued and spent the morning reading the five essays.I enjoyed all but one of the essays (I\'m really not that into tennis). But one stood out, high above the others.\" class=\"ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image\" rel=\"external nofollow\">What words really mean: David Foster Wallace\'s dictionary is FABULOUS. I love words, but I am no aficionado, as clearly DFW is.In addition to learning a few new words (pulchritude, noma, and a plethora of adjectives for \'hairy\'), I\'m also developing a derision for puffed up words, like \'utilize\' (a totally superfluous word completely overused in education).I\'m sure I\'m the only one who has not read anything by David Foster Wallace just as I\'m sure I\'m not the only one feeling quite energized and inspired after reading this article/essay.Thoughts?
I am a high school teacher, avid reader, and life-long writer.
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I haven\'t heard of him to be honest.

I found the article to be very interesting, which I think /profile/5-homesickalienpoet/\" data-ipshover=\"\" data-ipshover-target=\"\" data-mentionid=\"5\">@HomesickAlienPoet and /profile/9-spacemonkey/\" data-ipshover=\"\" data-ipshover-target=\"\" data-mentionid=\"9\">@SpaceMonkey may also.

This is something I think I\'ll spend longer looking into when I feel \'happier\', at this stage things are flying over my head but as I say, I found this to be interesting and reading through the notes makes it appealing to attempt to write more frequently.



Wow see what I miss when I\'m away for a few weeks?  I loved this article.  I love words,  I think I have to go buy \"Both Flesh And Not\"  and see where that book takes me. 
Commenting on one of the words in this article; myriad.  I have long waged a private war in my head  on the usage of this word, it\'s nice to finally get some vindication
Thanks for sharing Cordelia!!!

avatar_GoddessGlamour Puss

GoddessGlamour Puss

Very interesting. I particularly found the references to the pervasive forms of advertising English becoming much more common a rather stark reminder of how little attention we often pay to the actual meaning of words. Definately an article I would have enjoyed plonking on a few English teachers desks when they questioned my use of the language.


Joe Jones

I love the part about \"utilize\". In the UK we have a magazine called Private Eye which satirises British politics and society. Heavy reading sometimes but there\'s a section called \"Pseuds Corner\", a column giving examples of especially convoluted and impenetrable jargon. Reminded me of that so much.\" alt=\"tumblr_nn22llCFai1rwioy7o1_500.jpg\">



I\'ve not heard of him either, but it was interesting.