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time for bed...but heres what i did today

Started by CWBunker, October 02, 2015, 11:43:31 PM

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Still some way to go but thats for another day


These are great mate!

I noticed a couple of pictures on Facebook, once I logged on after returning from Goose Fair. They will be very popular in my opinion! I love seeing the design/drawing process and you have captured it well.

Looking forward to seeing the final finished version. Keep \'em coming!


Its a shame it\'s of the city ground but it does look good.

Keep us posted with how it turns out in the end, I am sure others will want to see the completed picture.


It looks like a good picture. Can\'t you draw one of the other side of the trent..I like how you\'ve shown the progress of it getting closer to being finished.


oh wow.  yeah I can\'t wait to see what the end result is either.  Looks great so far!


For those from the other side of the Trent I will be doing a meadow lane one later this week. But for now here is the completed image of my place of worship.....
/monthly_2015_10/20151004_114839.jpg.19e33eb85385379fb5c38162e73ec433.jpg\" class=\"ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image\">


Love this style! I really like this painting. You made it look easy, but I know it\'s not heheDid you use ink for the black or just paint?
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