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Mused Morrigan the Mad

Started by Morrigan, November 02, 2015, 05:47:57 PM

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Hola everyone! I\'m Morrigan. I\'m basically Morrigan or some rendition thereof on every site I\'m on. I am okay with being called Morr but never call me Morri. Just not cool.For the rest of this I\'m going to steal questions that I have elsewhere:
  • What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? The Giver, Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn and Rave
  • What other interest/Hobbies do you have? Many? My top hobby is writing and play by post roleplaying, I also webhost. I do also dabble in photo manipulation and web design.
  • What\'s your favorite color? Pink.
  • What\'s your favorite drink? Dr Pepper if we are talking adult beverages I love myself a wheat beer. Avalanche is my favorite.
Feel free to ask me questions. I\'m a relatively open book. No I didn\'t make my avatar it was a request that someone filled for me because I don\'t have enough Captain Rex in my life.


Welcome to Poetry & Art! Online /profile/47-morrigan/\" data-ipshover=\"\" data-ipshover-target=\"http://poetryartonline.com/profile/47-morrigan/?do=hovercard\" data-mentionid=\"47\">@Morrigan.

It\'s nice to have you hear with us and I feel you will enjoy the site, it\'s a little slow right now (mostly my own fault) - yet this is our second month since re-opening and it\'s going quite well.

Thanks for taking the time to join us.


Welcome! Glad to have you aboard! I also love Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn! I\'ve watched it a lot of times hehe
Stay frosty!
ILY the Frosty Kitten


It\'s sort of my go to movie. Like I\'m in the mood to watch something but I don\'t really know what to watch and nothing looks good.... I\'ll put it on. It\'s oddly soothing. >_>Thanks for the welcomes so far.


Welcome to the site. I look forward to seeing your posts.


Thank you thank you. I hope to contribute some awesome stuff around here.

Call me Cordelia

Welcome! \"The Giver\" is a fabulous book
I am a high school teacher, avid reader, and life-long writer.
my blog


Yeah! It\'s very amazing! The movie that was based on it was good but it disappointed me a little. Overall I think it was the first book turned movie that I felt was well adapted for the screen and exceeded my expectations in some ways. Especially since my expectations were really high.http://poetryartonline.com/profile/23-call-me-cordelia/?do=hovercard\" data-ipshover=\"\" href=\"<___base_url___>/profile/23-call-me-cordelia/\">@Call me Cordelia

Call me Cordelia

I am a high school teacher, avid reader, and life-long writer.
my blog


I think if you can get over the ending. The entire movie is perfect. It is everything I wanted to see in that movie. I know that the ending wasn\'t for me though. The ending was more for people that hadn\'t read the book. http://poetryartonline.com/profile/23-call-me-cordelia/?do=hovercard\" data-ipshover=\"\" href=\"<___base_url___>/profile/23-call-me-cordelia/\">@Call me Cordelia


Hello, pleased to see you here and posting. Hope you enjoy the site and feel a part of the community


Thanks for the welcome http://poetryartonline.com/profile/12-liam/?do=hovercard\" data-ipshover=\"\" href=\"<___base_url___>/profile/12-liam/\">@liam I certainly do! I hope you are enjoying what I\'m posting.