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avatar_Call me Cordelia

My name\'s not really Cordelia

Started by Call me Cordelia, October 02, 2015, 11:48:53 PM

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Call me Cordelia

You can call me Cordelia, but I probably won\'t respond.My grandpa called me Sally, my students call me Miss, but you can call me Sarah. Because that is my name. https://iwouldratherread.wordpress.com/ I look forward to participating in this site; I miss regularly reading and writing poems, songs, and short stories!
I am a high school teacher, avid reader, and life-long writer.
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I am so pleased to have you on board Sarah, when I spoke to Cheeky about relaunching - we both spoke about how we missed the site and how good it could have been if we had managed to keep it. Obviously, things do happen for a reason but your support always made such a huge difference (as it did on where we originally met).

By all means add your blog link to your signature - /settings/signature/\">Link Here

I have a fair few friends now who live in Kansas, in fact one of my football mates is from your neck of the woods.

It\'s good to have you here, especially as a team member! So, thank you!

PS. I\'m pleased with how the sites put me back in contact with people, I wished Bubbles and Corinne could join (as I do miss them also). I bet this comes across like a right saddo! LOL

Call me Cordelia

Thanks, Chris. I\'m still exploring the site - it\'s very beautifully designed! It\'s clear that you and Cheeky put a lot of time and effort into this. I hope that I will be able to contribute in meaningful ways... There will be huge chunks of time, though, that I will be MIA
I am a high school teacher, avid reader, and life-long writer.
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Welcome Back as well!!!!  Really awesome to have you here and I look forward to seeing more of your work.  


Hello welcome to poetry & art, its nice to see another member saying hello.

I look forward to see your submissions.

stewart alexander

hey beautiful   good to have you here...  always good to have old fiends posting!
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