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Spotted Pardelote

Started by dragonwyst, September 19, 2015, 02:20:53 PM

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White out walking in the bush last Tuesday, I was delighted to capture a photograph of this tiny bird. I hadn\'t seen one before and identified it when I got home.  - a Spotted Pardalote - not uncommon but  - you know - cities - people - there are fewer and fewer these days./monthly_2015_09/46-DSCF1225.JPG.4a0de53b9873bf7465b0e73faaf6c058.JPG\" class=\"ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image\">


Another great share! It\'s also interesting to see the nest, especially that you was able to capture several photographs in the process.

Thanks for sharing!


Captured with a mobile? Its handy having a camera for moments like this. This is a good share, colourful bird.


I like that theres more than one picture in the same situation. They are very clear and good photos of the bird and nest.

Joe Jones

Lovely photos. Nature as it\'s meant to be, great to have cameras so you can capture these lovely unspoilt shots


What a cutie birdie! Never seen one before  Thanks for sharing!
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