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I Am

Started by Chris, October 05, 2015, 02:00:46 AM

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\"I Am\"

I dread the moment where I forget,
all the days that passed me behind.
And how I try to stumble,
through cohesion, I try.
Darkened mist blackens my mind,
and how I try, through emerald skies.
I close eyes shut & long for you,
It's too hard to dwell, I adjure.
I wish I could explain myself,
though I can't no more.
My memories escape,
It's who I am.
I accept my fate, I try,
I am.



I think this is something Joey, especially the ending.



It tells a story of someone thinking they are abit lost in life.Its good.



I feel like this poem ends on a positive note which makes me enjoy it more. Kind of like the idea that even when bad stuff happens, there\'s always a silver lining. 
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Thanks for the responses, it\'s good to be writing more.

Appreciate the support greatly.



Hi Joey This is spot on!..awesome write.  Short, filled with detail-to the point- and so expressive- really good!..thanks for sharing!..regards Mike

avatar_Call me Cordelia

Call me Cordelia

I really like this; really, really like this!First, it made me look up \"adjure\" and second, the emotions evoked by the words are powerful, and third, I really liked the shape of the poem.The only thing that slowed my roll was:
I wish I could explain myself,
though I can't no more.[/quote]I think it might be stronger if you kept the grammatical formality as the rest of the poem:
I wish I could explain myself,
but I can\'t anymore (or \"but I cannot anymore\" or \"but I just can\'t anymore\")[/quote]
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avatar_stewart alexander

stewart alexander

wow bud.. that\'s pretty personal I feel...  great stuff...and very rich in emotion
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Well done.  I think this is my favorite poem of your\'s so far.  I really really love this.  It\'s very eloquent and soft spoken to me, yet carries a powerful idea. pleasekeepwriting