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digital painting attempt

Started by CWBunker, October 13, 2015, 08:43:30 PM

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Bud, \'attempt\' needs removing from the title! Haha!! This looks awesome.

I like the fact, you have shared two stages with us because it makes me appreciate the artwork more. This is something I want to find time for, though at the moment I wouldn\'t be able but I find your work (plus others) also inspiring. It\'s very well drawn, I find using a computer or tablet far harder than paper, so this is admirable and highlights artists talents.

Thanks for sharing! Keep \'em coming!!



the last image actually makes the car look 3d, a great picture of the race car with alot of detail.



Its a good first attempt, i think its well drawn and looks great.

Good share.



This is great! Add some shadows and a perspective-ish road and it will look even more 3D  Good drawing!!!
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Joe Jones

I\'d say it\'s a good 80% of the way there, the body of the car and the Elf sponsor are spot on, just a couple more bits like the other sponsors and details on the helmet, and it\'s done. I want to see the finished version!