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Smoke Signals

Started by HomesickAlienPoet, October 02, 2015, 08:43:36 PM

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i\'ve sucked
a desert\'s draught
of dry smoke.

heard the silent
sibulent hints
of cancerous innuendo
that sleeps between
dried leaves, nearly
2 decades of plodding ash.

once we thought this was cool;
that we 
called the tune
& the bugler would lead
us to reason.

and bitter experience
has shown
we have been lead
only to an early grave.

but at least we looked good
on the way there--
and for a moment, death too,
was something to be laughed at
with each heedless breath.

it is a romance
as much as madness,
this courtship of death,
an image in a cracked mirror.

have taught us much
about the lost art
of dying gracefully (& dis,)
and of the things we miss

while choking on regret.



Ah, this poem holds so much meaning - It\'s a brilliant share HAP.

I\'m probably overlooking something, yet I like how each part doesn\'t follow a specific structure. The words really do flow nicely and each section is just as good as the last.

Keep \'em coming!



My favorite part of the reborn PAO?  I get to read more poetry from one of my favorite poets.  PUBLISH YOUR WORK AND SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD MY GOOD MAN!!  Let\'s do it together.  I\'m 100% serious.SIBULANT!!!!  I was actually just looking at that word recently with an eye towards wrapping it in a phrase laced with alliteration, of course you beat me to it.  \"silent sibulant hints\"  Once again, perfect perfect perfect@!@I hope you know dear HAP that when I say you are one of my favorite poets I am not just messing with you, I really mean it.  I want to be the charter member and president of your fan club, I hope you will consider it.



Hi HAP, I enjoyed this submission of yours.
it is a romance
as much as madness,
this courtship of death,
an image in a cracked mirror.[/quote]Especially this above part, I also agree with SpaceMonkey. Try and get your writing published, its good.



It talks about slightly different things.. but goes well together.Sort of trying to tell a story about different subjects.



Hi Homesick Alien PoetYour words are brilliant!...your structure is stylized like one of the Beat Poets- that I favor-  Kerouac, Carr, Ginsburg and Burroughs!...I really enjoyed reading this!..and look forward to discovering more of your writing- you already seem to quite the following!..regards Mike

avatar_stewart alexander

stewart alexander

this is great..  love -it is a romance
as much as madness,
this courtship of death,
an image in a cracked mirrorI\'ve never smoked.. but I get the feeling well in this one...lovely stuff and well crafted!
My Website
To suckle life ..
To enjoy the nectar and glory ..
Of circling your demons ..
With glaciers forming every story ..



Thanks mperry.  The work of the Beats, neo-beats and other wrtiers like bukowski who share a similar vision are among my favorites.  Kerrouac, Ginsy, D. A. Levy, Tom Waits, the aforementioned Bukowski, etc.

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