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Poetry / ALL I KNOW IS
February 15, 2016, 06:48:07 PM

A light once possessed, this want, had a common thread, we begin

to unravel, left with lingered thoughts of you, once made me insane

deep, inside my veins, you, came like a drug to flow under my skin

when the conditions were right, comes a perfect storm, so multi-layered

my right to saver, you, an impression of, a deepest void, my failure to nigate
left only, a need, a fix, my heart was fire, steeped like a craving, not shared
as your memory differs from mine, you and I remember, in our own way to explain

the story of a love now having gone cold, left behind, of what was, the image seared
of me watching you go, my eyes are left wide, for all I know is gone, the hurt retained
like some paper thin walls that come back to echo , to reverberate, not fade
that dripping sink, our first place, no longer a comfort, my fist through a wall
my way to recall, a few minutes more, just to lie with you, in the bed, we made

as your memory differs from mine, you and I remember, in our own way to explain

the story of a love now having gone cold, left behind, of what was, the image seared
of me watching you go, my eyes are left wide, for all I know is gone, the hurt retained
By Michael Perry
January 17, 2016, 07:16:17 PM
In those moments that held us cold and sober
where the silence crawls, apathy becomes the thrill
demanding all our attention, realizing the fight
in us was finished, a bitter pill we swallowed, moreover
to have a love you can\'t get back, our paradise lost
a love left in redux, now a casualty, the final cost
like a half past moon, no reason to stay
we have nothing left to savor or hinder
with our tongues silently rendered, why
didn\'t love stay, paying the price, no say
love was a conversation in passing, no pat answer
we lift the flag of surrender- as love goes down under
if it wasn\'t enough, for us both, this love, we shared
a love we once devoured, to fight or flight, now a blur
to have a love you can\'t get back, our paradise lost
a love left in redux, now a casualty, the final cost
honesty our only option, with hearts laid out on the sleeve
while in the morning after, it was the wedge to drive us away
truth or consequence, was it you, or was it me, maybe both or
a little bit of happenstance, a part of our growing make believe
to have a love you can\'t get back, our paradise lost
a love left in redux, now a casualty, the final cost
By Michael Perry
January 04, 2016, 11:34:25 PM

                             THE YEAR IN REVIEW

If there was a year that was, mark this as the year that was because

as it begins to pass into history- or infamy let us not forget, to reflect

on all the gun violence at every turn from city to city, village hamlet and town

making us take stock, run for cover -so tell me, why are there so many haters

we got the NRA- black lives do matter-watch your back-while guns have no mind

still hate has an agenda -paint a pretty picture, in tender mercies, hardly, what a year

recount, the trouble overseas- settling scores, political game changers more troubles

all the hot spots, international dangers, Iran, Iraq, Russia with Syria, Afghanistan

Pakistan-Palistine, Israel- USA and now we got us a lame duck president-politics anyone?

a transition year-Trump or Mrs Clinton, Rubio, Cruz, Bernie Sanders- why we can\'t wait

as the dust finally settles-and we say for the first time ever, hail to our Madam President

for it was a year of planes trains, automobiles , fast food-lines- fire the grill-ketchup, mustard

burger, fries all the calories galore- Mac Burger or Donald King- Delta, the American Air Lines

all the takeover does it really matter which one emerges- victorious, we still had countless delays

more bad weather, all the crowds, with less patience, gas cost less- no lines- so don\'t ask or complain

as we hang on to every single word, imogii, emoticon more deep thinkers- android, apple- cell phone

Ipads, the climates changing- soon no more polar ice- the astronauts, space dust, Mercury, Pluto,Mars

a space race- rocket- X-drones- you pay through the nose- still keep me earth bound, firmly footed

plant me on the ground- give me the newest bestseller, or Star Wars-with Adele\'s triumphant return

CNN, fighting ISIS-fighting words- multiple religions John Lennon\'s words ring true, we live in fear

fall out shelters up in the mountains, whats next and still there was more- the terrorists continue

to threaten every nation, where no ones safe- paralyzed California-Je suis (I am) Paris-who\'s next

how much longer till we come together as one united front, angry, and make those f***kers pay

so give us peace- our rally cry- we can no longer delay- and still it would not be a year complete without

those Kardashians, Bruce Jenner\'s transition -call me Caitlain- how far we\'ve come, Kim and Kanye

Chloe and Lamarr, Kylie, Kendall- just how many are there- as we delve into pop-culture-the internet

google- face book- tinder, pintrest, your guess or mine- and yes there will be a quiz- so don\'t you fret

as we drop the crystal ball in Times Square one more time count it down to 10-drop all the confetti

make a huge mess- who cares- someone else will clean it up - a million people crammed into one square

mile- with friends you never met, ready, set, turn the calendar page- start the clamity, more hysteria,

see whats next- repeat the process- count your blessings- look toward the future-knowing we cannot

prevent what we don\'t see ahead- take a breathe- one day at a time, 365, 366 who\'s counting, leap year

take it all in stride, run but you can\'t hide or turn back the time, every-body smile-Happy New Year

By Michael Perry


December 27, 2015, 07:36:58 PM
willows weep
silent stoic
poised in saintly supplication
bitter surroundings meld
leaving barren crusts of earth exposed
ancient roots bleached white
cling together
as the onslaught of night continues unabated
frost heaves deeply cut
furrow frozen ground, winds moan
incessantly digress to a Winter\'s canticle
paying homage to the dead
by Michael Perry
(copyright MOBIUS) 25th edition
Poetry / CHRISTMAS (deconstructed)
December 20, 2015, 11:35:50 PM
                   CHRISTMAS (deconstructed)
for the story to start, the snow will begin to fall-silently, we cleave
search for a reference point, be re-awakened- ready to listen
as we close our eyes, take heed-prayers answered, if we believe
comes a star, impossible to ignore, for there up in the sky
sitting stoic, to wait, shining bright-brightest- it comes to guide
a soul catchers dream-to lead a cause, no reason to ask why
it demands our attention for on this night, be like no other
something magical-indefinable, comes created-heaven sent
a bless-ed event-for what\'s in a name, we take in, to be discovered
for it is written, out of a promise made, vows broken through
disguised, for in whose name, we take his in vain-we will stray
deny him- or blame- still faithful, be drawn back, when spoken to
ready to come when called, to believe-compromise, fall in line
give in to redemption, based solely on a miracle-the color of gold
yet from out of whose humbled beginnings, we see it, the divine
that which makes a night-brought center stage, pierced by the cold
a mother and her child huddled-deep within a stable-unaware, they
show us- that we are guided by the simple words on a page-ages old
in the hopes that some will follow-and let the miracles unfold
while others will cry-imposter- they demand his head- there is no peace
yet from out of this divide will come-as we behold- Christmas
a faith-led by the nose-or based purely in faith- we will comprehend
what the heart will accept- becoming our picture of that first scene
a starry night-beheld we tremble, reflect-genuflect- praise his name
for on this night-comes a child- pleading, to be heard- still, regardless
blaspheme , carry on-what does it all mean-for me, for you, your version,
or mine -what ever the belief system, for every one else- it is, Christmas
By Michael Perry
Poetry / AIR
October 18, 2015, 10:40:55 PM
                                        AIReach time to be drawn-in, underestimate-we placate/never forgetthis love-a life giver-borne out of the air,we breathe in-readyour holy-accepting it-to stir us/we hold deep down-react-from instinctcreate -anticpate it/in each other\'s movements,lying here in the dark?so simple/our act of breathing air-we are assured- left to confiscatewe erradicate the fear/keep us free from doubt,forget/ have no regretwe are two lover\'s with hearts laid bare/ wanting only to be appeasedmade whelmed-make ready made, to surrender we react-here/now?with offers of sacrifice/give of ourselves/breathe in the air/ to syncopatetrue love made/ left to anticpate/there with shifting shadows-we will call upchallenge/reach for/make ready-to journey, crossover to that great abyssmaker of all-sky/nightfall, caress in it/subtle changes/ we collect ourselves ?casting light over dark/to come alive-thrive-conceive/love/die/cling/ desire itperfect this love-consecrate/ recreate a time-some place- carry over focus onmake clear-intuit/ cleave/hold it-bring forth/consumate-dare to be - reach forthose reasons why/not believing as our love came to life/ simply by breathing-air?by Michael Perry 
October 07, 2015, 11:45:39 PM
       FROM A REFLECTIONshadows are cast-forlorn over our backsmelting here and there-along-thisvacant stretch of beach-we cometo feel it-that loss-of our yearswe walk shivering-against the coldlost in our reflection-deep in thoughtour reminisce-as we let it goagainst-the pounding surf -echo- repeat-echoleft is undertow- submerge- unable to breathewe can\'t go back- so we walk on-througha simple refraction of light-turning day to nightwhere there is no trace-or doubt-remainingwe are exposed-given in-to the mood of the elements- a moon in denialfor whatever remained-between us- you and Iall will be buried tonight- with the in coming tide by Michael Perry
Poetry / FEARLESS (a boxer\'s story)
October 04, 2015, 08:33:49 PM
                  FEARLESS (a boxer\'s story) from the precipice-I have stood right where-I am feeling fearlessthen I have fallen- still I am the boxer-with cuts to my skingot muscles finally breached-fighting\'s all I have ever knownI am a closer-need one more chance to reclaim-not ready to go yetI am a boxer- just once more-beat that hype-punish-take no prisonerletting each punch-given-take one to the jaw-be ready to leave it\'s markstill I won\'t be denied-I am one and the same; a gladiator-entering the ringI am fearless-peerless-as a diamond- sharp as a blade-just once more or has time taken its toll- have I overstayed my welcome-need one more chancejust let me- crave that respect-I deserve as much- winners don\'t fadeit\'s never too late- with fame delayed-I am ready to climb that laddertouch those heights-feel the heavens- fall down to my knees-I\'ll get back upready to fight- I am fearless- I believe in me- as the applause-rises up- I am calmletting the voices-refresh like holy water, I hear them call me-to soothe like a salvetake my pain away -ready to fight anew- keep me no longer anonymous-shed that lightready to cement my gains-be the greatest- fight for fame- remember my name-glory givenfight for redemption- stake my claim- fighting to stay alive- prove my point-leave no doubt  By Michael Perry
October 01, 2015, 11:20:35 PM
                            TAKE IT ON THE WINGgulls who will fly in full circle-stealthy overhead-they-in their frantic pursuitsearch-for-that-purlescent flesh- of a coveted shell fish-laid bare-abandonedalong the beach using persistence-within a razored beak-one who-spills overin the flesh- taken out -leaving the rest- to caw mockingly-restless-with their insultcoming in free flow-an echoed shrill-like or not -comes fallout-will it continue-have onewho stuns daring-ly-make others flee- break free-empty handed-birds please take noteor be kept at bay-in their futile attempt-they try or not-so keep up maybe fail- once twicenor wrest it away- from the intruder who amongst them-is letting storm clouds stalkgathered up-to circle above-ready to dive -n-dart-lose touch-in their confusion is this an afront-which comes through-or wishful thinking-take it on the wing- or be singled outleave it all to temper-in their argument-pitch it-a fevered-fervor-be blinded by-frenzied scenarios over some which surely who continue on-till their lapsed hunger oer will it be prolonged -overcome- seen too late- nor can it wait- on an empty stomach-if once morewith another try-delayed-can\'t stay-a wakeup call- for the weak-n-wearied-they who still continue on-undetered in this food fight-unfairly kept by- a miscellaneous-scattering offlocks-left in frustration let them break air-take it on the wing-to simply find some foodby Michael Perry