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December, 12th 2022: P&A! Online update

Started by Chris, December 12, 2022, 05:48:22 PM

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The reincarnation of Poetry & Art! Online site was short-lived back in 2015. Unfortunately, a mixture of personal health issues and costs of maintaining the site became difficult.

I personally didn't lose interest and I do believe there's room for a site like P&A! Online to help encourage the creative side of individuals. Whilst social media is great, it can be a less productive place to share your muse, and ultimately we're designed from the ground up to not only offer honest feedback but also provide a supportive place to mould our talents and grow further.

Why join? Or come back?

Admittedly, there's little to encourage old members to return, and this is even discouraging to new members.

Those that remember the site's beginning will hopefully remember the spirit which united us and, even saw the site grow to 1,000 members. Back in the earlier days of the internet with a flourishing support network forming. I believe with patience, support and care that a community like ours can grow as a place to help each other.

I fully own the mistakes I made before, yet I hope we can encourage old and new members to join in.

This time round, P&A! Online won't be going anywhere.

Thank you for your support.