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Started by mperry, October 18, 2015, 10:40:55 PM

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                                        AIReach time to be drawn-in, underestimate-we placate/never forgetthis love-a life giver-borne out of the air,we breathe in-readyour holy-accepting it-to stir us/we hold deep down-react-from instinctcreate -anticpate it/in each other\'s movements,lying here in the dark?so simple/our act of breathing air-we are assured- left to confiscatewe erradicate the fear/keep us free from doubt,forget/ have no regretwe are two lover\'s with hearts laid bare/ wanting only to be appeasedmade whelmed-make ready made, to surrender we react-here/now?with offers of sacrifice/give of ourselves/breathe in the air/ to syncopatetrue love made/ left to anticpate/there with shifting shadows-we will call upchallenge/reach for/make ready-to journey, crossover to that great abyssmaker of all-sky/nightfall, caress in it/subtle changes/ we collect ourselves ?casting light over dark/to come alive-thrive-conceive/love/die/cling/ desire itperfect this love-consecrate/ recreate a time-some place- carry over focus onmake clear-intuit/ cleave/hold it-bring forth/consumate-dare to be - reach forthose reasons why/not believing as our love came to life/ simply by breathing-air?by Michael Perry 

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stewart alexander

we erradicate the fear/keep us free from doubt,forget/ have no that..this is nice Michael... felt a bit disjointed with the forward slashes.. butI like the emotion here.. the honesty and hope :)
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Hi Stewart as always thanks for your really generous comments- I added the  slashes to stop or take a breath before continuing- because if I took them out- it might feel or read as being rushed, I don\'t know- I guess it\'s a preference thing when one is reading...I am most appreciative of your comments- I am always learning- so thank you!